Erenberger Antiques (IA)
Mary Anne & Denny Erenberger

Tavern Creek (MO)
Eric Nichols

Ritter House Antiques (IN)
Dave Morton

Richard Fuller (VT)

Joan Lucas Antiques (MO)

Pat Buncher (MO)

Central Avenue Antiques (MO)
Betsy Heck & Dawn Alley

Andeen Antiques (PA)
Lyn & Bruce Andeen

Olde River Antiques (MO)
Pam & Steve Blacketer

Schoolhouse Antiques (MO)
Neil & Barb Finbloom

D & G Oyler Antiques (OH)
Gerald & Debbie Oyler

Mustard House Antiques (OH)
Debbie Schlichter

Suzanne Baker (IN)

Tinker's Wagon (VA)
Jeanne Kauffmann

David Proctor (VA)

Latcham House Antiques (OH)
Jim & Toni Stoma

Karen Jack  (KY)

Honeysuckle Antiques (MO)

Max & Ron Barnes

Walker Homestead (MA)
Kris & Paul Casucci

Charile Bone  (IL)

Halderman House (IN)
Alicia Lawson

Stone Barn Antiques (MO)
Linda Green

James Humphries (KY)



 Hannah Humes Art & Antiques (OH)

Bruce Rigsby (KY)

Pioneer Antiques (VA)

Trudy Hinton

Miss Lily's Antiques (OH)

Diane Garner

Liberty Tree Antiques (IL)

Barb Lemme

Antiques At Hillwood Farm (IL)

Marion Atten

Old Harbor Antiques (KY)

Kay Bender

American Heritage (OH)

Kay & Bill Puchstein


The Painted Cupboard (IN)
Sue Beahm


Wild Horse Antiques (MO)
Vicki & Gale Wideman


Flintas Antiques (MO)

Chris & Russ Flinta


Ginger James (KY)


Tin Cats Antiques (TX)
Jami Wilmarth
Home In The Country Antiques (IN)
Teresa Waltz


Everlastings - Harvesting the Past (NC)

Jack & Kathy Newman


Jackie Patten (IL)


Stone Soup Antiques (OH)

Toby & Jenny Ramirez


Country Crossroads (IL)
Robin McNish

Alan Hoops (OH) 

Jody Coffin (IL)

ForeverMore Country Antiques (IL)

Jill Mattingly & Kay Gladney



Watch For Updates & Additions!!!


Our Dealers

The Country Spirit Antique Show consists of more than forty hand-picked dealers who are among the most knowledgeable & friendliest of those selling quality early American country and primitive antiques.  Our group converges on Arcola from fourteen different states - from as far away as Vermont and North Carolina.  Whether they hail from near or far, they are always eager to share their enthusiasm for early country with you.  Join the fun at one of our Friday preview sales or take a more leisurely approach to shopping during the shows on Saturday, but make Arcola your first choice twice a year for early country antiques - we'll always be happy to see you!