Our Dealers

The Country Spirit Antique Show consists of hand-picked dealers who are among the most knowledgeable & friendliest anywhere, all selling quality early American country and primitive antiques. 

Our group converges on Arcola from eighteen different states - from as far away as Vermont, New Jersey, Alabama, Virginia, Oklahoma, Maine, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Nebraska and right here in the Midwest from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Illinois.  Whether they travel from near or far, they are always eager to share their enthusiasm for early country with you. 

Join the fun at all three of our preview shopping sessions on Friday or take a more leisurely approach to shopping during the shows on Saturday, but make Arcola your first choice twice a year for the best quality and selection  - we'll always be happy to see you! 

The list below includes those exhibiting at our spring show along with others who plan to join us again next spring.  Follow us on Facebook for up-to-date changes and additions.


Erenberger Antiques (IA)
Mary Anne & Denny Erenberger 

Woodsview Antiques (MA)

Jerrilyn Mayhew

Jacque Bradford (IN)

Sherman Alden Antiques (MA)

Carl & Marilou Peterson

Homestead Antiques (IL)

Joann & Glen Smiley

James Wm. Lowery Fine Antiques & Arts (NY)

Jim and Jody Lowery 

Dater House Antiques (NY)
Cindy Johnson & Leann Breer

Larry Lewis (KY)

 The Old Wood Shed (NJ)

Pat Murray & Joanne Boyd

R.L. Myers Americana & Folk Art  (IN)

Rich Myers

Kenyon's Country Antiques (NE)

​Melanie & Jerry Kenyon

David & Cheryl Craig

American Antiques & Art (IN)

Country Folks Antiques (MI)

Becky & Rick Coffin 

Central Avenue Antiques (MO)
Betsy Heck & Dawn Alley


Churnfolks Antiques (MO)

Jana & Dallas Stafford

Pierson Station (IL)

Wendy Norman

The Painted Cupboard (IN)
Sue Beahm

Humble and Worn

Sherry Baggett (KY)

​Big Daddy Mac Antiques (IA)

Andy & Teresa Brown

Jody Coffin (IL)


​*Look for these other fine dealers when their schedules allow them to rejoin us for a future show:

*Bill & Paula O'Nan (KY)

*D&D Antiques (KY)
​Dianne & Don Lairson

​*Faith Lukianenko (MI)

*Kelly Coy (IN)​

*Garmantiques (FL)

*12 Tin Antiques (TN)
​Teresa Lee

​*Lana Smith Antiques

& Design (KY)


Mary de Buhr Antiques (IL)

Tavern Creek (MO)
Eric Nichols

Barbara Veazey (KY)

Richard Fuller (VT)

Moonlit Gallery Antiques (OK)

​Bart Boewe

Brick Farmhouse Antiques
Tim & Michele Steinman (OH)

D & G Oyler Antiques (OH)
Gerald & Debbie Oyler

Mustard House Antiques (OH)
Debbie Schlichter

Suzanne Baker (IN)

B. Hannah Daniel Antiques (AL)

John Melby (ME)

Latcham House Antiques (OH)
Jim & Toni Stoma

Walker Homestead (MA)
Kris & Paul Casucci

Charlie Bone  (IN)

Halderman House (IN)
Alicia Lawson

Stone Barn Antiques (MO)
Linda Green

James Humphries (KY)

Home In The Country Antiques (IN)
Teresa Waltz

Sparrow's Nest Antiques (NE)

Russ & Rhonda Blank 

Schoolhouse Antiques (MO)​

Neil & Barb Finbloom

Pioneer Antiques (VA)

Trudy Hinton

Repurposed Antiques (PA)

Dan Meixiell

The Western Reserve Antique Shop (OH)

Leisa and Daryl Kirtley

​Steve Johns (IN)

ForeverMore Country Antiques (IL)
Jill & Mark Mattingly

Timeless Treasures (PA)
Frank & Dee Promutico

Vintage Home Antiques (IN)

​Sheryl Brock

Mill Street Mercantile (IN)
Darlene Martin